Our Fascination With “The End”

I wanted to wait until the wee hours of the morning to write this just so I could make sure that an unanticipated fireball didn’t come crashing into earth at 11:59 PM…that would have people laughing…or not.

Anyway, here I am still sitting here in my living room, looking over at the Christmas tree all lit up with one row of lights dangling unusually low thanks to my youngest son.  I’ve been thinking a lot about people’s fascination with “the end” of the world, or some hybrid mix of the end and the second coming of Christ (I picture him riding in on a fireball at the moment).  I have insisted all along that if you claim to know the date or hour of such a return you’re probably wrong.  I base such a conclusion of the words of Jesus as found in Matthew 24:26 and Acts 1:7, but all that aside, people are fascinated with the idea that they can know when our current reality will end.  If you’ve got the magic insider knowledge by golly there’s a book deal out there just waiting for you! Case and point, the lovely little 124 page pamphlet entitled 88 Reasons Why the Rapture will be in 1988, along with Harold Camping’s numerous predictions   which caught a lot of public attention in May of 2011.

It seems that the Religious Right is obsessed with “The End” just as much as pop secular culture is even if that “end” looks a bit different.  And so here we again find that Christians are held captive to the same control hungry, know-your-own-destiny, apocalypticism that holds the attention of the non-believing world.  To these folks I say, “come out from them and be ye separate!”  If we need some sort of kick-start like an “end date” to re-energize our evangelistic efforts, or to spend more time with the family, or to take your spouse out on that date you’ve been putting off, well let me just say, YOUR GOD IS NOT BIG ENOUGH.

End dates provide a light at the end of the tunnel, so we think we can make it there under our own power.  But if the end date is uncertain, we may have to trust our Savior daily for the grace that he alone can give us to make it through till tomorrow, and then the next day, and the day after that.  I think that’s why God isn’t sending us any pamphlets with insider info regarding the end of the world as we know it. Such knowledge would stand to kill us spiritually.  Let us trust him daily so that on the day of his return we are right where we should be… following him because we desperately need him.


2 thoughts on “Our Fascination With “The End”

  1. What a great reminder of our need for his stamina and not our own. Even though “the end of the world” may not be a concern to many of us- we might still live by our own power daily. Thanks for reminding me that God’s power is what I really need daily.

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