What’s Coming in 2013!

Given my serious lack of regular posts during the fall months, it seems appropriate to get people interested in the upcoming conversations that will take place here at joeldemott.org.  First off, I can’t guarantee that posts won’t decline a bit in the month of April.  I might be finishing my M.A. in theology around that time and so life tends to get hectic.  But a part from that, I plan to keep on blogging about the things that are important to me with the hope that it will be helpful to some and educational for me.  I find that a big part of my learning process involves having to actually own my own ideas.  When you put your ideas out in front of people you have to be prepared for pushback and further conversation, and sometimes you have to change your mind.

So here’s the 2013 preview of what to expect at joeldemott.org.

1) I’m going to talk more openly about my Arminian convictions.  The recent Calvinistic resurgence has people (esp. young people) talking about doctrine, theology, missiology, ecclesiology, and so on.  I find the whole conversation valuable for the Church at large, but one voice ought not to control the conversation.

2) I think that I should finally land somewhere on the whole conversation of homosexuality.  I have some non-negotiable convictions on this topic, but my research in this area is entirely too limited as a whole.

3)  This coming June I’ll celebrate my 7th wedding anniversary, which means I met my wife over 12 years ago…time flies.  This is the year that I’m going to make some hard decisions regarding how I prioritize the spiritual development of my marriage.  We had a pretty good 2012 as far as a marriage goes, but there wasn’t enough intentionality on my part which needs to change.  So I’m going to write about the spiritual development of marriage…maybe closer to the summer.

4)  Anabaptism has interested me for several years now and the more I read about it, the more I sympathize with it.  The trouble is I’m pretty sure that I grew up with some pretty terrible examples of Anabaptism amidst my Mennonite and Amish neighbors.  Additionally, the Mennonite college located near where I grew up routinely fails to give expression to the richness of the Anabaptist heritage.  So I’ve got some personal perceptions that need changing and I think I’ll work through part of that journey here.

5)  I’m really concerned about my generation as a whole.  I think they’re headed toward some dark days.  I want to sound the warning alarm regarding the increasingly troublesome life direction of the Millennial Generation.  I want to have a discussion about the particular spiritual maladies that so often define these folks.  Furthermore, I want to offer hope and a new way forward to those who feel lost.

So there’s a preview of topics to be covered.  I’m sure I’ll discuss other things, but the above items are presently working on my brain space, demanding some attention.  And as always, I want to hear from more of you!  Maybe you have a recommendation for a book that you think I should read, or maybe a question you want input on.  Feel free to let me know what’s on your mind!