An Overdue Update

Hi friends…it’s been a long time.  As has been the case this year all too often, I’ve been swamped with all sorts of things.  We had our third child at the beginning of June, I started a new full-time job to help augment my part-time (is it really ever part time?) ministry position.  I’m really trying hard to get in a life rhythm that is healthy and productive at the same time.  So the blogging has suffered greatly, but I’m working back into things.

I’m having all sorts of new vocational discoveries as a truly bi-vocational pastor and I think some of these experiences are worth sharing.  I’m also encountering an increasing number of folks that are looking to do the same thing I’m doing in terms of supporting ministry efforts by holding down a job outside the walls of a church office.

I hope you are all well and I look forward to sharing more of my present journey with you.