You might be an evangelical reject if…

A few years ago my blogging kindred spirit Kurt Williams created the list below

 As I read through the list I found myself becoming concerned that I might be a “reject”.  Given recent cultural swings I find this list to still be helpful, though I do worry that the title “reject” could yield some sort of ecclesial pity party, where we identify ourselves in terms of how others have rejected our way of Christian living.  So I offer a caution against feeling too sorry for ourselves.  So read on below and let me know what you think.

Might Be an Evangelical Reject If…

  1. You’re uncomfortable calling other branches of Christianity “apostate.”
  2. You worry that those who cling to terms like “orthodox” often do so because they believe it to be synonymous with “Neo-Calvinism.”
  3. You have significant questions about controversial theological “hot button” issues of the days and are some-what comfortable with the subsequent cognitive dissonance.
  4. You’ve been asked to leave a church leadership position for philosophical / theological reasons.
  5. You had a “love wins” sticker on the back of your car before the book controversy was even thought of.
  6. You read theologians from all across the spectrum.
  7. You think that science and scripture both reveal God’s truth in complementary ways.
  8. You think that what we believe about the so called “end times” actuallymatters for how we do mission today.
  9. You know that living the truth is more important than defending it logically.
  10. You recognize culture wars as pathetic attempts for Christians to grab for power.
  11. You don’t use the word inerrancy to describe biblical authority because it’s too rigid a definition and a modernist categorical imposition on the Holy Spirit inspired Scriptures.
  12. You think women should do anything BUT be silent in the church. (Can I get an AMEN from my sistas?)
  13. You think that postmodern philosophy helps theology more than it hurts it.
  14. You drink alcohol sometimes (in public).
  15. You endorse someone who has been deemed a heretic by
  16. You believe that there are significant parallels between the Roman Empire of the 1st Century and the United States of modern-day.
  17. You believe social justice is central to the gospel of the Kingdom.
  18. You throw up a little in your mouth every time someone says that “therapture is coming soon, so what’s the fuss with taking care of the planet?  Lets save souls!”
  19. You’ve said “I’m not that kind of Christian…”
  20. You considered or actually voted democratic in the last two elections.
  21. You think that African-American Activists have valid points when it comes to justice issues.
  22. You have gay friends.
  23. You’ve been in a conversation where the other was appealing more to theconstitution of the USA than actually biblical theology.
  24. You’re also an Anabaptist

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